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KOKO education services started!

Today, KOKO ("kokonaisvaltainen koulutuskonsultointi" in Finnish), comprehensive education consulting firm has officially started its services.

For the past almost five years, I have been providing similar services for schools and educators in Thailand and in Turkey. Recently, the demand for a Finnish education expert consult has increased so much that it was about the time to start doing the job more officially.

one of my highlights this autumn was being a keynote speaker in Izrim for Ege Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı (EÇEV) “Eğitimde Finlandiya modeli” conference. What a great event and a great audience! The auditorium was almost full; I was told There were more than 600 people present. the 1,5 hours q&A session at the and clearly showed how interested people were in Finnish education.

Yesterday was another highlight, when I attended as a panelist a Finland’s 100th independence anniversary event “The Education System of Finland – The Country of White Lilies – Past, Present and Future” in Ankara. in addition to Finnish education, the event was also dedicated to launching the first complete translation (by Mr. Sabri Gürses. ) of the famous (especially in Turkey!) book "Finland- the country of the white lilies". It was a highly enjoyable event!